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ginour Metal Detector for Adults
ginour Metal Detector for Adults
Product Details

[High-Precision Metal Detector] The metal detector provides 3 modes, including "PinPoint", "DISC", "NOTCH", which can accurately detect metals such as iron, aluminum, tin, copper, silver and gold. If you have a target need to find, use NOTCH mode to find your target. Metal detector with memory function.

[Backlit LCD Display] The metal detector has a 3.4-inch LCD digital display and adjustable backlight attributes from 0-9 levels, allowing you to read clearly in the dark.The battery status and charge are displayed on the screen. (When the battery indicator is on, please replace the battery)

[Large Diameter Waterproof Search Coil] The metal detector has a 10-inch large-diameter waterproof search coil. It can explore underwater and enjoy more outdoor treasure hunting games. The detection depth can reach 18-30cm. (note: LCD control box is not waterproof)

[Metal Detector for Adutls and Childs] This metal detector is adjustable in height (100-130CM), and light in weight, suitable for adults and children. Support headset function, the detector can be used without interference, even in a noisy environment . With multi-function folding shovel to realize the functions of saw, hammer, shovel and so on

[Complete Metal Detector Accessories] You can get 1*metal detector,1*multi-purpose folding shovel (with storage bag, compass), 1* carrying bag and 1*earphones, 1*handbag, Without battery.

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